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About W-9 e-Solicitation:

Tax1099 provides year-round W-9 e-solicitation & vendor management solutions.

Why would I need to solicit a W-9 from a vendor?

If you don’t have a vendor’s W-9, or if the W-9 did not list a TIN, then you should solicit a W-9.

If a vendor’s TIN/name combination has been rejected, soliciting a W-9 serves as documentation of cooperation with IRS compliance standards.

At what point in the filing process can I solicit a W-9?

W-9 e-solicitations are offered through Tax1099 year-round.

What happens when I e-solicit a W-9?

What if I don’t have a vendor’s e-mail address?

You can collect a W-9 from your vendor(s), then input the information into Tax1099.

You can store your vendors and run TIN matches.

How can I use my vendor information in Tax1099 to create 1099 forms?

Export vendor information from Tax1099 to the Tax1099 Excel template for the form you want to create. Add your box amounts to the template, and re-import to Tax1099.