About TIN Matching:

Tax1099 connects 1099 filers to compliance-centered solutions.

Why should you request TIN matching?

TIN matching proactively checks your vendor TIN/name combinations with the IRS.

This can reduce your risk of penalties, which can reach $260 per form.

When can I request TIN matching?

Year-round: Request a TIN match after you first collect the vendor’s W-9.

During tax season: Request a TIN match when filing 1099 forms.

How do I TIN match?

In a bulk request: Use our secure fileshare to upload your vendor information spreadsheet.

Do-it-yourself: Select a recipient, or a group of recipients, for TIN matching services.

What can I do if I get a TIN mismatch?

Request updated information from the vendor by e-soliciting a W-9 through Tax1099.

Changes made by vendors auto-populate in Tax1099.