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About State Filing:

Tax1099 tracks & fulfills the filing requirements of all 50 states.

What do I need to know about state filing requirements?

Tax1099 automatically identifies your filing requirements based on the information in your forms.

If your forms require a state filing, Tax1099 will offer to satisfy the requirements for you.

Do all states require a direct filing?

No. The states’ filing requirements can be broken down into three main categories:

Does Tax1099 update with recent changes in state filing requirements?

We track state requirements, so that you don’t have to. We are dedicated to keeping you in compliance.

My state requires reporting with a CD-ROM. Will you provide this?

Yes; if you choose Tax1099 to file with your state, we will satisfy all the state’s requirements.

How can I confirm that my information has been filed with the state?

CFSFP: The forwarding of information from the IRS to the state is automatic.

Non-CFSFP: The form will be visible in Forms > Manage State Forms.