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Smart businesses use eFile Assist to save time, conserve resources,
& eliminate tax compliance headaches.

Import Data

Give us your 1099 file and we'll do the rest. Use our encrypted File Share feature to send us your 1099 vendor file. We will quickly import your records into our system.Learn more >


Our team will run a TIN match on each vendor to help you proactively avoid IRS penalties. Once our team has imported your vendor data, we will validate the vendor name/TIN combinations with the IRS database. We will then send you a list of rejected TIN verifications for you to review and update.Learn more >

Federal e-Filing

We will securely e-file any type of 1099 form for you. You will get your IRS acknowledgement within 1-2 business days. We also e-file 940/941/944 forms, W-2 forms, and ACA forms.

State e-Filing

While many states accept the same information that the IRS requires, other states have additional requirements. Different states have different deadlines and accept different filing formats. Let us manage all of that for you. We stay up-to-date on every state’s unique requirements, and then file as required by the state. Learn more >

Vendor Form Delivery

USPS Mail - We deliver pressure-sealed forms, mailed first class. The forms go out the day after the e-file is submitted. Each form has an intelligent mail barcode which allows you to track any of your vendor forms in the USPS system.Learn more >

Email Delivery

Email delivery is the fastest way for your vendors to get their tax forms. Vendors who have provided email addresses will receive their form via email. The vendor will receive a secure, password-protected PDF file. We will also monitor the sent emails. If we see that a vendor has not opened their emailed form, we will USPS a copy to that vendor.Learn more >


When a vendor notifies you that information on his/her tax form is not correct, we will make the changes necessary. We do this to ensure that the information you submit to the IRS and state agencies is complete and correct.

W-9 Vendor Management

Send us your vendors’ email addresses, and we will collect their W-9 information electronically. Your vendor can complete and electronically sign their W-9 form. Any changes the vendor makes will be applied to our vendor record automatically. We will then run a TIN check to make sure the information submitted is correct. We store your vendor’s W-9 records so you can access them.Learn more >

B Notice Management

Our staff takes your CP2100 notices and manages the entire B-Notice process for you. This includes creating, printing, and mailing the vendor letters and W-9 forms; collecting the responses; entering data changes into our system where necessary; and performing additional TIN Match based on updated information. You can easily stay up-to-date on everything we do for you with our custom reports.