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What do we do?

Federal & State eFiling compliance for forms 1099MISC & more

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What can you do with Tax1099?

Our extensive features will improve your tax filing process, in and out of season.

  • Integrate with QuickBooks, Xero, Bill.com, & more
  • Onboard vendors with W9 eSolicit & TIN match
  • Deliver vendor forms via USPS or email
  • Access support, forms, & reports year-round
  • File current & corrected forms, up to 2 years previous
  • Manage member users and workflow

How easy is eFiling with Tax1099?


Simple Steps

1099 Form eFiling

Who needs to file with Tax1099?

Small Businesses

  • Create, edit, & schedule forms
  • eFile forms to the IRS & states
  • Deliver forms to vendors via USPS or email


  • Import with QB, Xero, Bill.com, and more
  • Bring your team on board with rights management
  • Prepay and persistent card payment options

Accounts Payable Depts

  • Import by Excel template
  • Generate forms and report for 7 years
  • Store information under highest security

Who do we integrate with?

Who files through Tax1099?

Our user base is 150K, and growing 300% each year. Look for new names here!

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